ARTIST City & Landscapes, Life & figure, charcoal, sculptures, portraits

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45. Giant Sunflower

TED was born in 1946, studying medicine at Birmingham University (UK) and went on to be a GP with specialist interest in sexual health in that great city for over 40 years.


He had a sound artisitic grounding from his father, (a talented amateur water colourist) and Tony Griffin, his mother's cousin, a professional artist from Berkhamstead. Having always had an interest in the fine arts, he developed a second career whilst working as a doctor, which took him beyond retirement in 2012. Subsequently, Ted studied under the late David Mynett but is essentially self-taught.


Ted held 3 successful solo exhibitions in Birmingham [2004, 2006, 2012] at Birmingham's prestigious and central Number Nine the Gallery, a couple in France in 2014.


His media are oils, gouache, ink, charcoal, chalk and in recent years has branched out with successful small sculptures in wax, clay and bronze. Ted's subject matter is modern and representational; he likes most subject materials and takes commissions of favourite views, portraits etc.

673. Fort Dugommier & les deux tours at sunset 661.1 671. Watching waves 620. Collioure Ladies Rowing Team